5 May, 2016

Party Tips and FAQs!

We’ve put together a few ideas to make your party fun & safe:
  • Book early! We do get fully booked most weekends so call early to avoid disappointment. We also do parties and events mid week and on public holidays. Pricing is the same except for bookings on Christmas Day and New Years Eve.
  • Feel free to match a castle to your party theme. Have a dress up party with a similar theme to your castle for added fun!
  • Food, small toys and silly string are not welcome on the castle. A cleaning fee may be imposed if the castle is left with debris inside.
  • Please prepare your yard prior to the booking. Ensure the area where the castle will be place is free of pet debris, sticks and any other items.
  • Please exercise caution while playing – wrestling, flips, trying to tip the castle and pushing can lead to injury. Please avoid these activities.
  • If it begins to rain or if you need to switch off the castle – The castles are blown up by special fans that operate with normal 240v power. They have one switch on the front that makes it easy to turn on and off. The castle will deflate in 1 minute so please ensure everyone is out and away from the castle before switching off.
  • If it happens to be a rainy day on the day of the party, it is possible that we will have to cancel. As the castles require electrical equipment to operate, it is simply not safe in wet weather.
  • All power cords and extension leads are supplied. All equipment is regularly maintained and all equipment including electrical components complies with legislation. All electrical equipment is regularly tested and tagged.
  • Our castles are able to withstand Geraldton wind, please ensure you prepare for it while at the park and pick a position that is a bit sheltered. If the wind speed and gusts exceed 25 knots, we may have to cancel the booking for safety reasons.
  • If you’re having a party at home, please ensure you have the minimum space noted on the castle that you ordered. The castles do require a bit of flexibility and must have thoroughfares around the castle. Also ensure 5m height clearance from gutters and trees.
Frequently asked questions:

What is a good size?

Please have a look at our castles as we’ve put down the approximate number of children at a party and which castle is appropriate for that number. If your party has more children than what is listed, you may consider hiring 2 or more castles.

What age groups are appropriate for the castles?

We don’t really have an age limit on the castles. Children of all ages have fun on any castle or water slide. Younger children develop co-ordination and older children build strength by playing on the castles repeatedly. The Gyro Galactic Wheel is best suited to children 8 years old and up. Parties with mostly adult riders are encouraged to use the Rock ‘n Roll Arena.

What is inside the castles?

The medium and large castles are a great space for imaginative play and to bounce around in an open space. Other castles have a slide, stairs, basketball hoop, tunnels and obstacles. Please explore the descriptions for the individual castles for more information. Links to 3D images are available for some castles and in different categories. These links are provided so you can see inside the castle.

Are you insured?

We are 100% fully insured up to $10 million each in public and products liability. We are able to provide a certificate if you require.

What happens if we’re having a great time and don’t want the castle to go?

We are happy to leave the castle with you a bit longer if needed for an additional fee, however it is subject to availability as there may already be another party waiting for the castle.

How do we pay you?

We now accept EFTPOS and credit card payment at the start of the booking along with cash or cheque.

We are not in Geraldton. Do you travel?

We certainly do! We travel far and wide within the Midwest, inland and northern WA.

Do you stay with the castles?

Generally no. We are able to provide supervision for an additional fee, upon request.